Bad weather cripples life in Turkey’s west

Bad weather cripples life in Turkey’s west

Bad weather cripples life in Turkey’s west

Bad weather disrupted life in the western province of İzmir on Jan. 27, when sudden heavy rainfall and storm hit several districts, flooding houses and shops and knocking down trees.

The floods particularly battered the Karşıyaka district, where the waters of the Aegean Sea overflowed the shore and swept through the streets, submerging vehicles.

Some trees and solar energy systems on the roofs of houses in the city’s Buca and Bornova districts collapsed, and the ground floors of some apartments were flooded.

Meanwhile, cold weather and snowfall were effective in much of northwestern Turkey.

Edirne and Tekirdağ provinces were struck by an extreme cold wave and snowfall hailing from the Balkans.

Although the snowfall reached Istanbul, it was not effective in the city due to the heavy rain and storm.

Some inner city and long-distance ferry lines, including Istanbul Sea Bus Company (İDO), were suspended due to strong winds, causing disruptions in daily life.

According to the Meteorology Directorate, rains in Istanbul will continue until the weekend, despite an increase in air temperature.