Baby registered with three parents in Brazil

Baby registered with three parents in Brazil

BRASILIA - Agence France-Presse
Baby registered with three parents in Brazil

This file photo shows two women waiting to be married in Brazil. For the first time, a judge has permitted a baby to be registered with three parents.

A judge in Brazil has ordered a baby be registered as born with two mothers and a father, a first in the South American country.

The novel step had been requested both by the baby’s biological father and mother, and the biological mother’s female partner.

Judge Rafael Pagnon Cunha in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul decided on Sept. 11 the mothers had a right to form a stable legal union, and the father did as well, the newspaper O Globo said.

He therefore ordered that the baby’s civil registry be adjusted to reflect “what life has reserved for her: a multi-part nest, full of love and affection.”       

“The sentence is historic,” said Maria Berenice Dias, the head of the diversity committee of the lawyer’s association in the state, who said the law should adapt to changes in society.

O Globo said Fernanda Batagli Kropenski, 26, and Mariani Guedes Santiago, 27, had asked their friend Luis Guilherme Barbosa to help them have a child.

He agreed, but on condition that he be recognized as the father of the baby girl, who was born on Aug 27, Globo said.

In May 2013, Brazil became the third and largest country in Latin America to approve same sex marriage.

Civil unions were made legal in Brazil by a decision of the National Council of Justice, but Congress has not passed any law on marriage.