Babacan to be part of Turkey's economy team after elections: PM Davutoğlu

Babacan to be part of Turkey's economy team after elections: PM Davutoğlu

Babacan to be part of Turkeys economy team after elections: PM Davutoğlu

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan (L) and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu (R). AA photo

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, a key figure responsible for the economy, will continue to be part of the economy team in the next government, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said, though questions remain as Babacan cannot run for parliament because of the ruling party’s internal three-term limit.

“The AK Party [Justice and Development Party] government to be formed after the election will continue on the same line, on the basis of its experiences. There will be no kind of sustainability problem in the management of the economy, politics, the judiciary, education and foreign policy,” Davutoğlu told reporters on April 2 after announcing the government’s new economic program. 

“A government with the same perspective will be in power [after the election]. This line will be continued in the understanding of a sustainable management,” he added, upon questions about Babacan’s future.

The deputy prime minister will not be able to run for parliament due to the ruling AKP’s three-term limit, but he may be appointed as a non-MP minister. Babacan is seen as a key figure for Turkey’s economic stability, with domestic and foreign business circles believing that in his absence the government may turn to a more populist economic drive. 

“I look to my right side [at the press conference]: Ali [Babacan], Labor Minister Faruk [Çelik], and Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin [Canikli] will continue to be a part of this team,” Davutoğlu said. 

The AKP introduced the three-term rule to restrict the mandate of its lawmakers for three consecutive terms at the parliament. Babacan is currently the only AKP member who has remained in a ministerial position throughout the 13 years of the AKP rule. 

“The three-term rule is intended to bring dynamism to politics, not to force retirement. In our understanding, in our philosophy, there is no such thing as retirement,” Davutoğlu added.