Authorities create biodiversity map across country

Authorities create biodiversity map across country

Authorities create biodiversity map across country

Some 13,409 plant and animal species have been identified in Turkey as a result of extensive studies under the national biodiversity inventory and monitoring project initiated by the General Directorate of Nature Protection and National Parks (DKMP).

The country has a rich biological diversity due to its three different plant geographies, which include Europe-Siberia, the Mediterranean and Iran-Turan.

Various projects have been implemented, such as carrying out national inventory and monitoring studies that will serve the conservation and sustainable use of diversity and creating databases on biological differences.

As part of the project initiated in 2013, the DKMP completed the biodiversity inventory of 81 cities and created a biodiversity map of Turkey at nearly 852,644 coordinated points.

Inventory studies also collected inventory data regarding taxon with economic value.

It was determined that 2,934 taxa, which have the potential to create input for the national economy, were used as medical and herbal medicine.

Around 918 experts and academics conducted field studies on living groups such as vascular plants, mammals, birds, inland fish, reptiles and amphibians.

The species-population and habitat-ecosystem monitoring studies were carried out in 81 provinces in which 292 flora, 218 fauna and 263 specialized areas were documented.

Awareness studies were also conducted on the importance of biological diversity, and public service ads and booklets were prepared within this scope.