Atlas eyes founding firms in Arbil, Sudan

Atlas eyes founding firms in Arbil, Sudan

Atlas eyes founding firms in Arbil, Sudan

Atlasjet has obtained licences in norhern Iraq and South Sudan to establish airlines companies at the regions.

Atlasjet, a Turkish airline, is planning to establish private airline companies in South Sudan and northern Iraq, the company’s chief executive officer has announced.

The airline has obtained permission licenses in both South Sudan and autonomous Kurdish northern Iraq, although the company has not yet been able to establish the company in the latter due to issues over the deal with Baghdad, said Sami Alan.

Waiting for new airport
The company, is buying proper planes for South Sudan and will launch flights in the new country, beginning with two planes before adding a third aircraft to the fleet, daily Milliyet reported.

Alan made the comments during an opening ceremony for a new Istanbul-Kayseri route.
He said the company’s global targets were not limited to founding new companies, noting that they would also export know-how to some countries while buying private airlines in some others. 

“We are growing fast but in terms of setting new targets, we are looking forward to the launching of the third airport, the one to be built in Istanbul, since the existing capacity is not sufficient,” said the Atlasjet CEO. “Our aim is to finish this year with 25 flight routes.”

Atlasjet currently operates flights to 16 destinations.