Aşık Veysel commemorated on 50th anniversary of his death

Aşık Veysel commemorated on 50th anniversary of his death

Aşık Veysel commemorated on 50th anniversary of his death


Folk singer Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu was commemorated at his grave in Sivrialan village in the eastern province of Sivas on the 50th anniversary of his death.

Saplings were planted in the memorial forest for the folk singer who died on March 21, 1973, and a memorial ceremony was held in his house, which is used as a museum today, in the Şarkışla district.

Sivas Deputy Governor Şakir Öner Öztürk, Gemerek District Governor Muhammet Taha Büyükserin, Şarkışla Mayor Ahmet Turgay Oğuz, Culture and Tourism Ministry Director General of Fine Arts Ömer Faruk Belviranlı, some artists, institution directors, Şatıroğlu’s grandchildren, his daughter and many villagers attended the ceremony held at the grave.

During the ceremony, prayers were said for the folk singer and carnations were left on his grave.

Speaking at the memorial, Deputy Governor Öztürk stated that Aşık Veysel has come to be known all over Türkiye and the world. Blind at the early age of seven, the folk singer lived a very difficult life, experiencing many hardships. Despite everything, he was able to create groundbreaking works of art.

“Aşık Veysel always emphasized unity, solidarity, brotherhood and love of nature in his poems and folk songs. He was a patriot with an undying love for his country and the Turkish nation,” said Öztürk.

The folk singer’s grandson, Rüstem Şatıroğlu, stated that he lived with his grandfather until the age of 11 and said he had a very fun and humorous personality.

“Being Aşık Veysel’s grandson is a great honor, a great joy and also a great responsibility. When he passed away, I realized what a great source of extraordinary creativity I had lost,” Şatıroğlu said.

Artists Mustafa Özarslan, Emirhan Kartal and Enver Merallı performed Aşık Veysel’s folk songs at the ceremony.