Aselsan signs cooperation deal with Eurojet

Aselsan signs cooperation deal with Eurojet

ISTANBUL - Reuters
Turkish defense company Aselsan has signed a memorandum of understanding to boost cooperation with Eurojet, the manufacturer of the EJ200 engine systems of combat plane Eurofighter Typhoon.

The two companies will collaborate to develop software within the framework of engine control systems, engine maintenance monitoring systems, and the EJ200 engine program, Aselsan stated in a press release on Jan. 20.

“Both parties also agreed to seek and enhance the scope of their cooperation beyond the mentioned fields,” it added.

The EJ200 engines, which are currently used in Eurofighter Typhoon combat planes, may also be used in the TFX project, Turkey’s indigenous fighter jet program, the statement also said.

In 2010, the Defense Industry Executive Committee started the TFX project to replace Turkey’s F-16 and to design, develop and manufacture a fleet that would work together with the stealth F-35.
The first prototype of the plane is planned to be produced in 2023.