Aselsan builds tent city for 600 quake survivors

Aselsan builds tent city for 600 quake survivors

Fevzi Kızılkoyun- Selahattin Sönmez - HATAY
Aselsan builds tent city for 600 quake survivors

In the aftermath of the disastrous quakes, Türkiye’s leading defense company Aselsan has established a tent city with a 600-people capacity in Hatay with its own cold and heat-resistant tents.

Healthcare workers are on duty at the tent city, which has kindergartens, laundry and shower facilities.

Chefs cook food brought from Aselans’ cold storages in a special area, serving three meals a day to people in the tent city.

About 600 earthquake victims, including 150 children, are hosted in the tent city, which includes a rainwater drainage system, sewage infrastructure, and a well for clean water.

Heaters are used in the tents against the cold weather.

In addition to health care services, psychosocial support, a dining hall, and toilet and shower sections, there are also children’s playgrounds and kindergartens in the tent city.

Children who lost their relatives and homes in the quakes can play various games, such as soccer, in the playground.

In addition, in the nursery tent set up for children, painting and similar activities are carried out in the company of professionals.

Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, the chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Aselsan, stated that 10,000 Aselsan employees have been working day and night to do their part during this disaster.

“From engineers and technicians to cooks, doctors and lawyers, our employees from every profession rushed to the quake zone to support our citizens,” Görgün said.

Haluk Görgün emphasized that Aselsan embraced the families of earthquake survivors and said the company’s lawyers are providing legal assistance for the people who lost their relatives, homes and jobs in the earthquakes.