‘Artquake Üsküdar’ the newest biennial in Istanbul

‘Artquake Üsküdar’ the newest biennial in Istanbul

‘Artquake Üsküdar’ the newest biennial in Istanbul

The biennial will be hosted in Beylerbeyi Palace.

The International Forum of the Arts (IFA), a prestigious art organization composed of international artists, collectors, curators and art lovers will hold the first Üsküdar Art Biennial titled “Artquake Istanbul 2014.”

The biennial will be hosted in one of the most beautiful and historical locations, Beylerbeyi Palace, which is located by the bank of the Bosphorus on the Asian side of Istanbul.

For seven days, works by artists from across the world will be exhibited at the gallery of the Beylerbeyi Palace. Set in an ancient district of Istanbul, once known as “Scutari,” the event will showcase the creative talents of emerging and established artists worldwide, while also bringing together collectors, curators, art critics, art lovers and representatives of art and cultural institutions.

The biennial will start on Sept. 1 and will end with and awards ceremony on the eve of Sept. 7 with the attendance of participating artists, international media outlets, Istanbul dignitaries and Üsküdar mayor, from whom the event owes patronage.

Several prizes will be awarded to talented artists and prize winning entries will automatically be included in the 2015 Artquake event, which will take place in Kyoto, Japan.

Call for submissions to this event will be ongoing until Aug 15.