Archaeology museum set to open in Yozgat's old armory

Archaeology museum set to open in Yozgat's old armory

YOZGAT - Cihan News Agency
Archaeology museum set to open in Yozgats old armory

Officials inspect the historical armory in Yozgat, which will become an archaeology museum with a project.

The central Anatolian town of Yozgat is to have an archaeology museum, covering area of 4,400 square meters. The museum will be home to the city’s small number of historical artifacts. 

Inspecting the area, Yozgat Governor Abdulkadir Yazıcı said that the armory was in a very bad condition and they had started a project to salvage it. “The project has been approved by the Cultural and National Heritage Preservation Board. We have restored this area spending nearly 100,000 Turkish Liras,” he added. 

He said that thanks to the museum, a historical area would be evaluated. “The entire area of the armory will be turned into an archaeology museum. We think that the architecture of the museum could be similar to the armory. Works have been continuing under the auspices of the Culture and Tourism Ministry. Works are set to finish this year.” 

Yazıcı also said that the historical Yozgat High School would also be restored soon. “Two historical wooden houses, a burned down bath and a stone building will also serve culture and tourism in the city after necessary arrangements,” he added.