Ankara, UN ink pact to help women, children

Ankara, UN ink pact to help women, children

Ankara, UN ink pact to help women, children

Turkey’s capital and the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) inked a cooperation protocol to support women, children and young adults.

Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş and UNFPA Turkey representative Hassan Mohtashami signed the protocol to support health and protection services for women, children and young adults with special needs, said a statement by the mayor’s office.

“The only problem we have is that right now Family Life Centers cannot operate actively due to the pandemic,” Yavaş said. “We are working to turn Ankara into a city competing with world capitals.”

The Support Center for Women and Young Adults, which will be opened in Altındağ district, will provide career consultancy, psycho-social support, economical reinforcement support and information regarding social cohesion, while mobile health teams will create awareness in rural parts of the city.

The center will also organize language courses for refugees, choirs and trips.

Mobile teams will share information on health to raise awareness, while also detecting people with a health risk and guide them to related institutions.

Yavaş and Mohtashami said they aim at decreasing maternal mortality during childbirth. “We aim for a healthy pregnancy and labor for women. I hope that we will start with a center in Ankara with this protocol and expand the boundaries and work together to provide services for women and young adults,” Mohtashami said.

“This is the beginning of a three-year-long process. We are proud to be working with you,” he added.

The Project for Supporting Social Cohesion and Participation in Employment for Women and Young Adults will be run with financial support of the U.K. Embassy.

The project aims to help Turkish or refugee women and young adults who live in Ankara and are in a vulnerable position to adapt to the city and raise awareness on access to protection and health services.

The municipality and UNFPA will carry out joint studies to increase their participation in employment and support their socio-economic status.