Ancient tomb in house finally at museum

Ancient tomb in house finally at museum

YOZGAT - Anadolu Agency
Ancient tomb in house finally at museum

The ancient tomb was replaced in front of the Roman Bath in Yozgat. AA Photo

An ancient marble tomb that has been protected by a local man in his garden for 30 years has finally been relocated, to be placed in front of the recently excavated Roman bath in the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat. 

Mustafa Doğan first discovered the marble tomb while excavating the garden of his house 30 years ago. He subsequently protected the tomb, which dates back 1,500 years, without moving it from his own garden. 

However, upon his application, the tomb was recently delivered to local officials.  “I got in touch with the Yozgat Museum Directorate and officials then came to examine the tomb. They said Roman bath excavations were ongoing and the tomb could be visited there by tourists. They then moved it there,” Doğan said. 

“We kept the tomb in our garden for 30 years. We cared very much for the tomb, which has great historical value,” he added.

Yozgat Museum Director Hasan Kerim Şenyurt said the Sarıkaya neighborhood, where the tomb was found, was a site known as Basilica Therma in the late Roman era. 

Şenyurt said the neighborhood was home to many Roman artifacts as well as discovered written documents. The Roman Bath was among the rare artifacts from the late Roman era found in the district.  Excavations of the Roman Bath have been ongoing for six years and three thermal pools have so far been unearthed, Şenyurt added.

“We believe the tomb [found in Doğan’s garden] is a 1,500 year-old tomb from the Imperial Roman era in the 5th century. Probably a religious Christian man was buried there. It doesn’t have a cover and it was empty,” he said.