Ancient theater of Magarsus ready to open curtains

Ancient theater of Magarsus ready to open curtains

ADANA - Anadolu Agency
Ancient theater of Magarsus ready to open curtains The theater of the ancient city of Magarsus, located in the southern province of Adana’s Karataş district, is getting ready to host culture and art events soon. Excavation work has been continuing in the ancient city for two years. 

Magarsus dates back to the 5th century B.C. and its theater is 2,500 years old. The excavations have unearthed a large section of the theater, which is a typical Hellenistic-era theater.

The sea-view ancient theater, which is 150 meters in length, 30 meters in width and has a capacity of some 3,000 people, will serve culture and art events when the work is completed and the theater will once again open its curtains after 2,500 years. 

Adana Culture and Tourism Director Sabri Tari said excavations had been ongoing at many historical sites around Adana in recent years, and for the last two years, a large part of the ancient theater of Magarsus had come to light. 

“This year the theater will be completely unearthed, including the stage part, and opened to tourism.

Although the city was magnificent and important enough to print its own money, today only its city walls and theater survive. But when you stroll around the streets of the district, you can find the traces of Magarsus in the gardens and walls of almost every house. The theater, which has been unearthed during excavations, is as big and magnificent as the Ephesus, Side and Aspendos theaters,” Tari said, adding the theater would open very soon. “When the work is done, the theater will regain its heyday, hosting new plays and welcoming audiences. You will close your eyes in its seats and hear the music of a play or an orchestra on the stage. Our next goal is to organize an event in Magarsus in the coming months to promote the ancient theater to the world.”  

Magarsus was the religious center of Mallus, which was one of the most important cities of the Cilicia civilization, famous for its ancient temples.