Ancient Akkale to be restored

Ancient Akkale to be restored

MERSİN – Anadolu Agency
Ancient Akkale to be restored

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Officials have pushed the button on a project for the restoration and environmental arrangement of the ancient city of Akkale, an olive oil production and exportation center in the late Roman era in the southern province of Mersin’s Erdemli district.  

During his visit to the ancient city, Erdemli Trade Chamber (ETSO) head Orhan Sarı said the ancient city would be opened to tourism with the project. 

He said they had started working to develop the environmental arrangement project in another ancient city in Mersin, Kanlıdivane, and implement it in Akkale. 

“We want to contribute to the revival of cultural heritage in Erdemli, including the ancient city of Akkale. We will make a restoration project first and then an environmental project, like the one in Kanlıdivane. We will submit it to the Culture and Tourism Ministry. If it is approved, we will start work on the ruin of the ancient city,” he said. 

Sarı added the ancient city of Akkale was a seafront city and home to a water cistern, a three-story grave and a port. 

Ancient olive oil production center 

Mersin University Archaeology Department academic Associated Professor Ümit Aydınoğlu said he worked as a consultant for the environmental arrangement project in Kanlıdivane and continued: 

“In Kanlıdivane, nearly one-kilometer-long walking routes and visitor centers were established. Also, paths for the handicapped were built. This place was an important olive oil production center of the region in the ancient era. The ancient city was cleaned and restored to its original. The places where olives were cracked and pressed were unearthed,” Aydınoğlu said, adding that the same project would be made for Akkale if approved by the ministry.