Analysis deems parts of Istanbul’s Kadıköy district risky to swim in

Analysis deems parts of Istanbul’s Kadıköy district risky to swim in

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
Analysis deems parts of Istanbul’s Kadıköy district risky to swim in

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It is unhealthy and risky to swim in some places of the Marmara Sea off of Istanbul’s Kadıköy district due to pollution caused by a local creek, according to measurements conducted by the municipality.

The Kurbağalıdere creek in Kadıköy, on which rehabilitation works have been conducted for the past three years, has continued to be a source of pollution to the residents of Istanbul who wish to swim off the coasts of the district. 

Four out of seven samples collected from different spots of the Marmara Sea within the boundaries of Kadıköy have proven to contain very high levels of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria, which is a threat to human health, according to recent testing conducted by the municipality. 

While the limit of E. coli present for individuals to swim safely without a threat to their health is 200 units, this figure was shown to be as much as 6,900 units in the sea off of Yoğurtçu Park. The figure was 6,500 units around the marina in Kalamış, 410 units at the Moda Sea Club and 390 units at the Fenerbahçe foreland. 

Further analysis has also shown the Marmara Sea contained a group of bacteria which should not be inside sea water and can cause intestinal infections in humans. 

While resident around Kurbağalıdere creek wait for the municipality’s rehabilitation project to be completed, they face the threat of having their houses flooded with polluted water during heavy rains. There has been a strong, unpleasant smell found around the creek, and flies have been seen in excess near the creek due to the high level of pollution. 

Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu said they were repeating their call to citizens not to swim in the Marmara Sea, just like they did last year, as nothing has changed since. 

“According to the results, it is extremely risky to swim in the sea. The rehabilitation of the creek definitely needs to accelerate; there needs to be work conducted around the clock,” said Nuhoğlu, adding if the rehabilitation work had been done fast enough, the creek would have not possessed a threat to human health. 

“The public is under threat. Therefore, no one has the right to threaten the health of the people,” he added.
Meanwhile, the analysis showed swimming at the Caddebostan beach, the Suadiye beach and the beach behind the Irmak School was suitable for humans, as the amount of E. coli found in these waters was much lower than the limit of 200 units.