Alleged post-coup duty list revealed

Alleged post-coup duty list revealed

Alleged post-coup duty list revealed A list containing the names of hundreds of soldiers with corresponding duty posts, allegedly naming their would-be titles if the July 15 coup attempt had been successful, has surfaced, however its top two slots were left blank.
The document listed the names of 413 senior-level soldiers and their would-be post-coup appointments had the failed attempt succeeded overnight on July 15. 

Two slots, including the name of the would-be Chief of General Staff and Commander of the Land Forces, were omitted by the coup plotters, as reports claimed the former post was planned to be offered to seating Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar, who was said to have turned down the proposal. 

According to the list, a number of senior soldiers including Commander of the Turkish Gendarmerie Forces Gen. Galip Mendi, Commander of the 2nd Army Gen. Adem Huduti and Commander of the 3rd Army Gen. İsmail Serdar Savaş were set to continue their posts, while some others were to be given additional titles, such as general manager of Turkey’s state-run TRT television, the prestigious Turkish Airlines (THY) and mayoral posts in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir.  

The list suggested that Lt. Gen. Yıldırım Güvenç would have been appointed general manager of TRT television, Lt. Gen. Satı Bahadır Köse – currently the 3rd Army Corps Commander – would have been named the mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Lt. Gen, Mustafa Özsoy – head of intelligence at the Chief of General Staff- would have been named undersecretary of the Prime Ministry.

The would-be governors of Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir were listed as Maj. Gen. Fethi Alpay, Brig. Kemal Akçınar and Brig. Veyis Savaş, respectively.