Ali Babacan’s DEVA marks its first anniversary

Ali Babacan’s DEVA marks its first anniversary

Ali Babacan’s DEVA marks its first anniversary

Turkey needs a more comprehensive change, including a new mindset to tackle the problems of the country, along with a new administrative system, the chair of the Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA) has said, as it celebrates its first anniversary.

DEVA’s Ali Babacan, a former economy minister in Justice and Development Party (AKP) governments, held a meeting with reporters to mark the first year of his party.

“We had decided to form our own party two years ago. And we did it in March 2020. Looking at the fact that Turkey’s problems continued to grow in the past two years, now we say we, fortunately, established the party,” Babacan said.

“Our citizens cite unemployment, high costs of living, and poverty as the biggest problems. Problems concerning freedoms and fundamental rights are also growing,” he added.

The only way to resolve all these problems is a government change, Babacan stressed. “The system and mentality constitute the root of the problems. It’s a small probability that the government may agree to talk about a system change. But this alone won’t be enough. The system must surely change, but the mindset that governs the country should also change.”

Babacan informed that the opposition parties are continuing their bilateral contacts over how to compromise on the parameters of a strengthened parliamentary system and that his party is not discussing to join the existing opposition alliance for the time being.

“This is a decision to be given before the elections,” he explained.

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