Akşener gets re-elected as chair of İYİ Party

Akşener gets re-elected as chair of İYİ Party

Akşener gets re-elected as chair of İYİ Party

İYİ (Good) Party leader Meral Akşener was re-elected as party chair by acquiring the votes of all 1,289 delegates who attended the second congress of the party on Sept. 20.

İYİ Party has a total of 1,379 delegates and Akşener was the only candidate for the party leadership.

“İYİ Party’s first duty will be returning to a ‘healed and strengthened’ parliamentarian system if the party rules the country,” Akşener said, addressing the congress.

“As the first thing in the rule of the İYİ Party, we will change this order that drags our country to the edge of the abyss and condemns our nation to nothingness! Nobody should worry, we will not go back to the old,” she stated.

Addressing the sovereignty and democracy of the country, Akşener said, “Her party will not repeat the ‘old mistakes,’ and provide the nation a country where there’s no tutelage, where there is real nation’s sovereignty, and the full implementation of democracy with a system worthy of the 21st century Turkey.”

She stressed that Turkish foreign policy will take on a character required by its national interests during their rule. “We know the importance of friendly relations between leaders. However, we also know that the relationship between countries is an interstate relationship that goes beyond leaders. Therefore, one of the first steps of the parliamentary system will be to give the job in diplomacy to our competent diplomats,” she stated.

“We will act with the mind of the state, not at the whims of personal relationships,” Akşener stated.