AKP officials slam 'erotic' dance at school festival

AKP officials slam 'erotic' dance at school festival

AKP officials slam erotic dance at school festival

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A recent dance show that took place during the Culture and Tourism Festival was too "erotic" to be performed at a school, AKP officials in Bandırma province in the Marmara region have said, daily Hürriyet reported.

The festivities began at Atatürk Elementary School on June 3 and included a variety of activities that aimed to attract attention to a national bird sanctuary.

Locals, however, were shocked when two female dancers performed a raunchy dance routine in the midst of the activities.

While the children showed no reaction to the dancers, some fathers gathered in a small group behind the performers and enjoyed the show.

Bandırma's provincial AKP officials later criticized the performance, accusing the performers of "staging an erotic dance under the name of cultural activities at a platform that hosted families and children."

"The local attitude toward such an act is clear," the official statement read, warning the organizers not to make the same mistake next year.