AKP MP’s son forces police into lineup, gets officer suspended (VIDEO)

AKP MP’s son forces police into lineup, gets officer suspended (VIDEO)

AKP MP’s son forces police into lineup, gets officer suspended (VIDEO)

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The son of a deputy from Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) recently had a deputy police inspector in the southern province of Hatay suspended after first putting local officers into a lineup after one of them allegedly insulted his friend. 
The incident began after Ömer Uzun, the head of AKP's youth branch in Hatay, who also runs a cafeteria at a police station in the province’s Dörtyol district, had an argument with police officer Alper Atilla, daily Vatan reported today, citing daily Aydınlık as source. 
In the heat of the argument, Uzun allegedly threatened Atilla, saying he would “send him into exile" before ordering him to take off his uniform. Uzun then called his friend İstemi Kağan Türkoğlu, the son of AKP Hatay Deputy Bayram Türkoğlu, to the scene as the argument continued; Türkoğlu subsequently arrived at the scene and threatened the officers in question.
Deputy police inspector Murat Emer intervened and told Türkoğlu that he could "not talk that way to his officers." 
Tension rose after Emer's intervention. The Dörtyol police chief called in a number of policemen – including Emer – to his office, had them hold up numbers in their hands and placed them in front of a wall for a lineup before asking Türkoğlu to identify the police officer who had argued with him. 
Türkoğlu, after examining the policemen at length, identified Emer, reports said. 

Türkoğlu's personal assistant was present at the police chief's office during the identification process, while the man’s relatives were also waiting in front of the police station.
Emer was removed from duty the following day "in order to conduct a proper investigation."
Emer was reassigned to Hatay's Kumlu district while Atilla was reassigned to Hatay's Altınözü district.

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