Akbank Sanat to open season with ‘Black Noise’

Akbank Sanat to open season with ‘Black Noise’

Akbank Sanat to open season with ‘Black Noise’ Akbank Sanat will open its new season with an exhibition titled “Black Noise,” curated by Ekmel Ertan and
Işın Önol. 

Designed as a contemporary art project, “Black Noise” will be open to the public from Sept. 9. 

The exhibition explores the complex relationship between sound and silence, focusing on the transformation, function, poetry, occasional meaninglessness, and occasional power of sound as a means of artistic expression in various different spheres. 

The curators posit that sound and silence are not in fact opposites but are rather mutually inclusive. Sound is a superset of silence and silence is a superset of sound, and both are contained by that which they contain.
By activating the wide range of associations created by sound and silence, the exhibition encourages the works, which carry social references, to communicate with one another and with the viewer.

Seven artists 

Featuring works by seven artists from Turkey and abroad, including Burak Arıkan, Servet Cihangiroğlu, Didem Erk, Richard Jochum, Mirko Lazović, Cengiz Tekin and Anna Vasof, the exhibition can be seen through Nov. 18 at Istanbul’s Akbank Sanat.