Agora excavation perimeter extended

Agora excavation perimeter extended

İZMİR - Doğan News Agency
Agora excavation perimeter extended

An expropriation process has been continuing in İzmir's ancient Agora since 1997. When the works are done, the area will be a center of attraction. DHA Photo

An expropriation process has been continuing in the historic Agora in the center of İzmir since 1997, and archaeologists in the Kadifekale neighborhood have recently extended the site’s excavation field with the support of the local metropolitan municipality.

As part of recent work, some buildings next to the Çankaya car parking lot have been expropriated and a number of streets have been closed to traffic to be included in the excavation field. 

The municipality also surrounded the Smyrna Agora with a specially designed wall in order to protect the historic site. The three-meter-high and 180-meter-long wall helps reveal the beauty of the agora and has places for visitors to rest. 

Started in 1997

The first expropriation in the historic area took place in 1997, while authorities began removing buildings in 2005. Some 37.57 million Turkish Liras have so far been spent on the works.

The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality provides financial support totaling 1 million liras for the works every year.