Aggravated life sentence demanded for Gülen

Aggravated life sentence demanded for Gülen

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Aggravated life sentence demanded for Gülen

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A prosecutor has demanded an aggravated life sentence for U.S.-based Islamic scholar and the Turkish government’s ally-turned-foe Fethullah Gülen, on allegations of “plotting against suspects in the Dec. 25 graft probe.” The accusations are part of the wide-ranging probe into the so-called “parallel structure” of Gülen supporters in Turkey. 

Gülen is charged with “attempting to topple the government of the Turkish Republic or preventing it from fully or partially conducting its duties,” “forming or managing an armed organization,” and “obtaining confidential data on the state’s security to be used for domestic and foreign political benefits, political or military spying purposes.” 

The indictment demanded an aggravated life sentence for Gülen, who was once a fellow-traveler with the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan but turned into a bitter foe after the two huge corruption investigations in December 2013 that embroiled four former ministers, three of their sons, business tycoons and around 100 suspects. 

In mid-September, an Istanbul prosecutor demanded a jail term of up to 34 years for Gülen on charges of “conspiracy, forgery of official documents, and slander.”

The jail terms are related to a probe launched upon a 2011 complaint filed by Mehmet Nuri Turan, the founder of the Istanbul-based publishing house “Tahşiye,” who had claimed that he had been targeted by Gülen.

Two arrest warrants have been issued for Gülen so far. 

The first arrest warrant was issued on Dec. 19, 2014 following police operations on the Samanyolu Media Group and daily Zaman, which are both linked to Gülen supporters.

A Turkish criminal court on Feb. 24 issued a second arrest warrant for Gülen as a part of the investigation into the “parallel state,” in which dozens of suspects have been arrested so far.