Aftershocks continue to hit Türkiye

Aftershocks continue to hit Türkiye

Aftershocks continue to hit Türkiye

While people in Türkiye’s south have still not recovered from the deadly earthquakes that caused massive destruction and left thousands homeless and in grief, aftershocks continue to add to their troubles days after the first quakes.

As of March 1, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck Kahramanmaraş’s Ekinözü district at 5:23 a.m., which occurred at a depth of 7.01 kilometers, the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) has announced.

Another quake with a magnitude of 4.2 hit the neighboring province of Adıyaman at 7:15 a.m., at a depth of 6.4 kilometers this time, while a magnitude 4.4 tremor hit the southern province of Hatay’s Antakya district at 10.20 a.m., which occurred at a depth of 11.06 kilometers.

As the earthquake in Hatay was also felt in the surrounding provinces, officials started an investigation to determine whether the earthquake caused any additional damage.

Meanwhile, Kandilli Observatory announced the magnitude of the recent Hatay earthquake as 4.8.

A total of 11,020 aftershocks have occurred since Feb. 6’s 7.7 magnitude quake centered in the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş and 7.6 magnitude quake centered in Elbistan, according to data by AFAD.