Adventurers fly over Turkish riviera with breathtaking shows

Adventurers fly over Turkish riviera with breathtaking shows

Adventurers fly over Turkish riviera with breathtaking shows

Ölüdeniz, a perfect destination in the Turkish riviera for nature lovers with its magnificent scenery, turquoise glassy sea, and blue eco-friendly beaches, hosts parachute 2,000 jumpers from all over the world to celebrate the International Air Games Festival and to fly over the world-famous Blue Lagoon as well.

Located 8.5 kilometers south of the resort town of Muğla’s Fethiye, Ölüdeniz has attracted hundreds of adventurers for paragliding activities performed from Mt. Babadağ, which is a steep peak rising next to the blue Mediterranean Sea, in line with the event.

On the second day of the festival, the athletes stopped their flights from Mt. Babadağ from time to time due to the cloudy weather, but the gentle sea breeze provided ideal conditions for base jump, skydiving, wingsuit and acrobatic performances which gave the audience exciting moments despite this short-term hiatus.

Attracting both the participants and the visitors who follow the sky from the ground, the event, known as one of the biggest aerial game festivals in the world, will end with a ceremony on Oct. 24 with breathtaking shows over the weekend.

Mt. Babadağ, one of the centers of the festival, rises out of the Fethiye plain forming gorges, headlands, small coves and beaches, stretching 60 kilometers south to the 33-kilometer-long Patara Beach.

The World Heritage Foundation has classified the mountain among the most important in the world, in urgent need of protection, due to the importance of its endemic species as well.