A quarter of families in Turkey say kids can be beaten: Study

A quarter of families in Turkey say kids can be beaten: Study

One out of every four families in Turkey perceives beating their children as normal, a recent study has revealed.

Around 40 percent of families say the children cannot be disciplined without being scared by parents, while around 24.7 percent of them think children can be beaten without intention of hurting, according to the research conducted by Hacettepe University Public Health Institute.

Although only 67.5 percent of Turkish families think of corporal punishment as completely harmful for minors, the survey study conducted with 464 families revealed a considerable segment of society considered it as a key disciplining tool.

‘Pulling ear better than shouting kids’

More than 10 percent of the families said beating kids or pulling their ears is better than shouting at them whereas 57 percent of them thought using physical force against children should be completely banned.

Moreover, 38.6 percent of parents said they regarded corporal punishment as a last resort which could be used when every method failed to maintain control.

The classification families made to distinguish “beatable” and “unbeatable” kids is also noteworthy.
While 14.3 percent of parents said boys could be beaten if they defied their parents but girls could not be as they were “more fragile,” 6.7 percent of respondents said punishment of small kids by smacking them was fine, but older children could not be hit.