73-year-old traveler visits over 50 countries

73-year-old traveler visits over 50 countries

İsmail Sarı- ISTANBUL
73-year-old traveler visits over 50 countries

After devoting much of her life to her children, a 73-year-old woman dealing with cancer did not let her illness come in the way of pursuing her dream to see every corner of the world and has visited more than 50 countries on three continents so far.

Emel Gedikli, whose curiosity about travel started with a honeymoon trip 44 years ago, later dedicated herself to her children and grandchildren, but she never lost her love of travel.

For the last 15 years, she has been traveling the world at every opportunity and has set foot in more than 50 countries on three continents to date.

“I visited 44 countries and 156 cities until 2017. Between 2017 and March 2020, I traveled to 18 more countries and 51 cities. Then, due to the pandemic period, I had to take a break. I have traveled by ship to Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary and Egypt. I went to Finland and Norway to see the Northern Lights. I traveled to Vietnam, Cambodia and Iran and for the third time to India, which I could not get enough of. I experienced the Trans Siberia, the longest train journey in the world,” Gedikli said while explaining her journey.

Noting that she is currently receiving chemotherapy as she was diagnosed with lung cancer four months ago, Gedikli stated that cancer cannot hinder her passion for travel.

“I had bought tickets to Japan and Germany a month before I learned of my illness. Japan was my new dream. My tickets have been canceled, but I hope I will go after the treatment. Visiting Japan is definitely the dream of everyone. Its temples and palaces are wonderful. I definitely need to breathe that air,” Gedikli expressed.

Doing patchwork as a hobby for 20 years, Gedikli buys pieces of fabric from the countries she visits and collects magazines for new covers she will make. Her most recent works were featured in a group exhibition.

Gedikli added that she is preparing for her personal exhibition.

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