3 Germans killed in traffic accident in Turkey

3 Germans killed in traffic accident in Turkey

3 Germans killed in traffic accident in Turkey

Three German tourists were killed while another 10 were wounded when a minibus carrying tourists toppled in the Manavgat district of the southern province of Antalya on Oct. 7.

The minibus hit a tree before toppling and the driver, identified as Ömer A., was detained after the incident.

Three German tourists, Heike Mendler, Frank Fauth and Heike Fauth, were killed in the accident. Their bodies were taken to the morgue at Manavgat State Hospital.

Ambulances and fire department teams were dispatched to the scene and 10 people, of whom one was a child and another heavily wounded, were taken to hospitals.

The identities of the wounded were revealed as follows: Alexander Berrerich, Jörg Manfred Reinhard, Britta Buch, Ute Stoessel, Heike Bessert, Meike Bunse, Michael Hoehner, Tanja Hoehner, Emily Hoehner and Mahmut Ertuğrul, a German citizen of Turkish-origin.

Another German tourist, Helena Beberich, survived the accident without any injuries.

According to the Antalya police, the minibus did not have any defects.