28 prosecutors tasked to probe Soma accident

28 prosecutors tasked to probe Soma accident

28 prosecutors tasked to probe Soma accident

Miners and rescue workers, stand, at the entrance of the coal mine in Soma, May 16. AP Photo

Turkey’s top judicial board has announced that it has charged 28 prosecutors with the task of investigating the devastating mine disaster in Soma, which has claimed the lives of at least 284 workers.

Run by the Akhisar’s chief public prosecutor, the investigation into the causes of the accident was begun immediately after the disaster took place on Tuesday. The office of the chief public prosecutors stressed on Friday that the probe was still ongoing to find the causes and that those who were responsible for potential negligence.

In a written statement, the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) announced that prosecutors from neighboring towns and districts had also been charged with probing the incident.

Private broadcaster NTV said the HSYK had appointed 28 prosecutors to conduct the investigation.

Soma public prosecutors have begun to take testimonies of the victims and witnesses, Akhisar Chief Public Prosecutor Bekir Şahiner said in a written statement, adding all documents and information that can count as evidence have all been taken under protection by the prosecutors’ office.

An expert committee consisting of a mining engineer, an electrical engineer and a work safety expert has been launched to investigate the incident, he said.