21 detained in southern Turkey for illegal abortions

21 detained in southern Turkey for illegal abortions

ADANA – Doğan News Agency
Twenty-one people, including four doctors, working in a private hospital have been detained in the southern province of Adana for carrying out illegal abortions.

Suspects, including some pregnant women in addition to clinic workers, have been taken into custody as part of several raids conducted in Adana’s Seyhan district.

The police have launched an investigation into the detainees over allegations of being engaged in abortion of fetuses over the legally permitted period of 10 weeks.

Four gynecologists working in the clinics concerned are also accused of performing illegal abortions for fees from 500 to 9,000 Turkish Liras.

While 12 of suspects, including four doctors, have been sent to the court, the prosecutor ordered the release of the remaining nine after taking their statements.