136 criminal suspects flee to KRG

136 criminal suspects flee to KRG

Fevzi Kızılkoyun ANKARA
136 criminal suspects flee to KRG


Northern Iraq has become a popular new destination for criminal suspects fleeing Turkey, apparently taking over the mantle from their previous favorite, Turkish Cyprus.

Some 136 suspects charged with murder, rape, theft, smuggling, or drug trafficking, have recently escaped to northern Iraq, particularly the provinces of Zaho, Dohuk and Arbil.

According to figures from the Security General Directorate, 69 of the suspects are charged with cigarette, tea, or oil smuggling, 34 are charged with drug trafficking, 11 are charged with murder, and 22 are charged with rape, bodily harm, plundering, or theft. 

Most of those sought over crimes of trafficking are thought to be continuing their business in northern Iraq.

As Turkish authorities are cooperating with the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) on the increasingly serious problem, with the KRG sharing information with Ankara about criminals found to have cross from Turkey. Discovered criminals are being deported by the KRG back across the border to Turkey.