1,200 officials assigned to inspect water

1,200 officials assigned to inspect water

ISTANBUL - Radikal
The Ministry of Health has appointed 1,200 supervising personnel to analyze the production standards of water firms following claims that bottled water firms were putting public health at risk.

The supervising personnel check certain criteria such as whether the firms are operating in hygienic conditions, whether uncertified spring water is added, whether containers from other waters are used, and whether unauthorized cleaning products are used in carboy wash water.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Health July 27 five firms’ names were announced as selling “harmful products.” Buzada, Alps, Kervansaray, Yalısu and Erpınar were named as water brands producing plastic carboys “harmful to human health.” The Ministry of Health will continue to expose bottled water firms that are “risking people’s health,” Health Minister Recep Akdağ said yesterday after revealing five such firms last week.

A private broadcaster claimed July 26 that 41 out of 55 plastic carboys from various water companies had tested positive for bacterial formations similar to those seen in human excrement.

It is estimated that there are about 7,600 distributors and vendors of bottled water across the country. Under the supervision measures taken after the disputes, samples from 254 water brands were taken during July. While some analyses were completed, some of them are still ongoing, according to reports.