12-year-old boy kills sister with shotgun

12-year-old boy kills sister with shotgun

12-year-old boy kills sister with shotgun

A 12-year-old boy killed his 14-year-old sister with a shotgun in the Yenimahalle district in the capital Ankara on Sept. 21.

Reportedly, a father took his children with him to a mechanic to have his car repaired. When the father left the shop for a short period of time, the children then moved to the office inside the shop. There, the boy found a shotgun and started to play with it, thinking it was not real but a toy.

When the boy aimed at his sister, the shotgun went off. She was shot in the chest and collapsed.

Following the incident, the boy screamed, alarming the people around the shop. They called the police and medics.

The medics, who arrived at the scene, pronounced her dead while the police sealed off the area.

“The boy shouted, ‘I shot my sister!’ The medics tried to save her life but they failed. The father was completely devastated,” one eyewitness said.

“The incident was a shock for us. People around rushed to help. They gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and a cardiac massage. But they did not work. We tried to prevent the father from seeing this and to calm him,” another witness recalled.

The classmates of the 11th grader posted the slain girl on social media with the hashtag “you will not be forgotten.”

Officials have launched an investigation into the incident.

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