11 Syrians to be deported for 'provocation'

11 Syrians to be deported for 'provocation'

11 Syrians to be deported for provocation

At least 11 Syrians will be deported for “provocatively” sharing their videos while eating bananas on social media after a Turkish citizen complained that he cannot afford bananas while the refugees can.

Deportation proceedings of foreign nationals will be initiated following the completion of their judicial process, said in a press statement released by Turkey’s migration authority.

“You’re living more comfortably. I can’t even eat a banana, while you are buying kilograms of bananas,” said a Turkish man as he scolded a female Syrian student in a street interview video taken in Istanbul.

A Turkish woman joined in, accusing the Syrians of enjoying lavish lifestyles in Turkey rather than going back home to fight, dismissing the student’s explanation that she has nowhere left to return to.

As the video went viral on social media, several “diss videos” were also shared on TikTok and Instagram by Syrian users showing them “eating bananas” while the audio of the discussion was in the background.

Diss videos that are made with the intention of teasing caused a disturbance among Turkish social media users, prompting anti-immigrant sentiments, with some people even reporting the “banana-eating trend” to the security forces.