1,000 attorneys to represent brutally murdered college girl in southern Turkey

1,000 attorneys to represent brutally murdered college girl in southern Turkey

1,000 attorneys to represent brutally murdered college girl in southern Turkey

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As many as 1,000 attorneys are expected to represent Özgecan Aslan in the very first court hearing on June 12 in the case over her brutal murder. The 20-year-old’s burned body was found in a river bed in the Mediterranean province of Mersin two days after she was killed by a minibus driver on Feb. 11.

Several non-governmental organizations and rights groups are also expected to attend the court session headed by the Tarsus 1st Court for Serious Crimes, as well as about a thousand attorneys from all across Turkey.

Mersin Bar Association head Alpay Antmen said 660 attorneys had put in applications for authorization and this number was expected to rise to 1,000 with other attorneys coming to the court hearing on June 12. 

“It is impossible to let all the attorneys in the court hall, but they will be in the court building. The Union of Turkish Bar Associations and its commission on women’s law, several bar associations and women’s rights groups will also attend the hearing,” said Antmen. 

“Of course, the defendants will not be denied the right to plea to the court. We think they will be fairly tried and punished as the indictments require,” he added.

Ahmet Suphi Altındöken, the minibus driver who confessed to Aslan’s murder, will appear in court along with his father, Necmettin Altındöken, 50, and his friend Fatih Gökçe, 20, both of whom were sent to prison as Altındöken’s accomplices.

Aslan’s parents, Mehmet Aslan and Söngül Aslan, will reportedly not be attending the court hearing, while the victim’s uncle Yaşasın Aslan will be present in court on behalf of the Aslan family.

The court session is planned to be held at 9:00 a.m. on June 12 and precautionary security measures will be taken in the surrounding area. 

The indictment submitted to the Tarsus 1st Court for Serious Crimes on Apr.14, carried a heavy life sentence for Altındöken on charges of “murdering with a monstrous feeling,” “murdering in panic of another criminal activity,” “attempt for sexual violation” and “limiting the freedom of an individual with sexual motivation.”

Altındöken’s father and his friend are also to face the same penalty on charges of “murdering and torturing with a monstrous feeling,” “concealing a homicidal death and its evidence” and “murdering to not get captured.”

Aslan was brutally murdered by Altındöken in Mersin on Feb. 11 after he diverted from the highway to a woody area, disregarding the young girl’s objections.

Two days after she was reported missing, Aslan’s burned body was discovered on Feb. 13 in a river bed in the Tarsus district. 

Altındöken confessed during his interrogation at the gendarmerie that he had tried to rape Aslan, who had boarded the minibus he drove, and stabbed her to death before burning the body when he failed in his attack.