Youths present over 25,000 social projects

Youths present over 25,000 social projects

Youths present over 25,000 social projects

More than 25,000 social projects have been presented by young Turkish people in three weeks as part of a campaign launched by the Youth and Sports Ministry.

“Our duty is to prepare a ground to help the youth fulfil their potential. We need innovative ideas for Turkey more than ever,” Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu has said.

“The achieved level of the project we have launched in order to provide opportunity to ideas and initiatives has made us proud and improved our hopes,” he added.

In total, 25,735 social projects were submitted to the Youth Projects Support Program between Oct. 9 and 30, according to the ministry.

Last year, the total number of the submitted projects was around 3,000.

Due to higher interest, the application period was extended for one week, in which some 6,000 more projects were presented.

The field of arts and culture was on top of the list of the overall projects with a 32 percent rate, the ministry said.

Volunteerism, physical activities and sports, innovative ideas, environmental consciousness and protecting animals were among other popular projects fields.

The approved projects will be given financial support of 5,000 to 25,000 Turkish Liras ($875 to $4,375) by the ministry.

The Turkish youth is “in good fit in imagination,” Kasapoğlu said, adding that the increase in the number of teams preparing projects is pleasing.