Youth NGO expands at full speed

Youth NGO expands at full speed

Youth NGO expands at full speed An Istanbul-based platform established to support young people in their decision-making process for their careers has geared up efforts to extend “equal and free” access to experience-sharing across country.

Gelecek Daha Net (The future is brighter) Youth Platform was founded with the aim of gathering successful professionals with experience and young people who seek guidance and information to make career decisions.

Serra Titiz, founder of the organization, said the platform was founded to fulfill young people and professionals’ need for mechanisms that would bring them together.

In a press meeting held last week, Titiz underlined half of the population was aged under 30 and that youth unemployment stood at around 18 percent in Turkey – making the initiative all the more urgent.

The platform, which provides a number of services, including e-consultancy, coaching, online seminars and motivational video archives to young people, will also enable companies to reach out to conscious young people.

The organization, which is growing with over 1,000 young people and 400 volunteers, has been named as one of the finalists for the BMW Foundation’s Young Leader Award.