Wulff: Germany to honor victims of neo-Nazi cell

Wulff: Germany to honor victims of neo-Nazi cell


German President Christian Wulff hosted a meeting with family members of the victims believed to have been killed by a neo-Nazi cell.

A statement from the presidency confirmed a commemorative ceremony would also be held next February.

Wulff said “sending a clear sign against racism and xenophobia” was very important. “Every people should feel the pain of the victims,” he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Interior Minister Hans Peter Friedrich and Minister of State Maria Böhmer were also expected to attend the meeting, while family members said that due to the nature of the occasion they would not be making statements.

Meanwhile, German police yesterday arrested a man on charges he supported a neo-Nazi terror group suspected of killing 10 people and carrying out several attacks in just over a decade.

Germany’s Federal Prosecutors Office said the 32-year-old German citizen, identified as Andre E., is suspected of being an accessory to crimes, inciting racial hatred and supporting the far-right terrorist group.

Compiled from AA and AP stories by the Daily News staff.