World renowned Turkish pianist İdil Biret to perform in Russia

World renowned Turkish pianist İdil Biret to perform in Russia

Turkey’s world renowned pianist İdil Biret will interpret Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov’s works at Rahmaninov’s Museum House in the Russian city of Tambov.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Anadolu University Public Conservatory instructor Amine Aygistova said the first Sergei Rachmaninov Piano Competition took place in Istanbul on 2011 to strengthen the cultural bond between Turkey and Russia and to encourage young talents.

The art curator of the competition, Aygistova said the four conservatory students who placed in the competition received their music education at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

She said Biret, who served as a jury member in the competition, wanted to show her admiration for Rachmaninov by giving a concert in his museum house. 

“The concert will take place on July 15 in Rachmaninov’s museum house in Ivanovka village. The concert is open to all Russian music admirers. Biret’s effort to record all of Rachmaninov’s solo piano works and concertos for the Naxos Music Label in 10 CDs is an indicator of the respect and love the artist has for Rachmaninov,” Aygistova added.

She said that with the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Biret will also give a concert to a selected group in Turkey’s Moscow Embassy on July 12, and believes the concerts will improve the relations between the two countries.