Woman quits her job, starts beekeeping in village

Woman quits her job, starts beekeeping in village

Beyazıt Şenbük - MUĞLA
Woman quits her job, starts beekeeping in village

Beyza Yavuz has decided to leave her job and the city life behind her to settle in the Aegean province of Muğla's Fethiye district and has started beekeeping with 50 hives that she takes care of on her own.

“I realized that my expectation from life was to be in touch with nature,” said Yavuz, who had been working as an English teacher in kindergartens and private schools for six years after graduating from Anadolu University.

The young entrepreneur established a company that sells products derived from apiculture products, after getting the grant given to young farmers by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.

“I set my mind to beekeeping without ever seeing a beehive. I currently do both beekeeping and bee plant growing,” said Yavuz, adding that her only focus was on bees and plants after a six-week course.

Yavuz also pointed out that she currently provides education-oriented services such as bee counseling, practical and online beekeeping lessons, and bee camp, which are preliminary preparations for her dream bee school.

“If I can find sufficient capital, I will open the school. Until that day comes, I will continue to give beekeeping lessons to students for five days, in which we go to open beehives and I show what to do in an emergency,” she said.

“Since I grew up in a family that loves flowers and nature, and celebrates the blooming period like a feast, I had a dream of having a job that gives me the opportunity to be with nature.”

“After I quit my job and settled in the village, I went to the highland with my bees. When I saw that there was the sky instead of a ceiling, I was very happy,” Yavuz said.

Yavuz, together with the students, is carrying out work in the forests that turned to ashes after the wildfire during the summer last year. “I collect the seeds of flowers that bees love, we have planted 5,000 seeds in the dried fields this year.”