Woman opens coffee house only for females

Woman opens coffee house only for females

Woman opens coffee house only for females

A woman in the eastern province of Elazığ has converted a coffee house inherited from her father into a venue only for women of the Hal village, İhlas News Agency has reported.

“We, female villagers, are happy to be together, joining ourselves,” 55-year-old Ayşe Günay told the news agency.

The coffee shop was run by Günay’s father for decades in service of the men of the village.

“My father fed his five children with the money he earned from this local coffee house,” Günay said and went to say: “After his death and my retirement, I took control of it. But wanted to make a change.”

Now it’s a coffee house that only women can enter. “We play games, dance, spend good times,” Pınar Özlem Durak, a customer of the coffee house, said.

“No men, no care,” Burçin Kintar, another frequenter, said while smiling. “Husbands in their coffee houses, wives here. Everybody has peace.”

The venue is for the Hal villagers, but there are also customers coming from other cities.

Duygu Duman Gezgin is one of them, visiting the place after hearing several recommendations.

“I came from [the southern province of] Antalya,” Gezgin said and added: “I did not see a place like this anywhere. It is great to be here.”

Bursting in, Günay also highlighted that some women from Istanbul, the capital Ankara and the northwestern province of Bursa visited the village just to see her coffee house.

When asked if she faced any trouble while establishing the venue, Günay replied “No.”

However, she has a “big problem.”

“My only problem is to find someone to work here. There is nobody around,” she said.