Wives of foreign envoys to Turkey try Black Sea cuisine

Wives of foreign envoys to Turkey try Black Sea cuisine

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Wives of foreign envoys to Turkey try Black Sea cuisine

The wives of ambassadors in Turkey on Dec. 10 took a cooking class that introduced them to Black Sea cuisine.

The event was hosted in the capital Ankara in cooperation with Fulya Sağlık, president of the International Health Association, and Zeki Açıkgöz, head of Turkey’s Cooks and Chefs Federation.

Sağlık noted that last week they organized a similar event in southeastern Gaziantep province, which was added to UNESCO’s list of The Creative Cities Network on gastronomy in 2015.

During the event, the wives of the ambassadors of Brazil, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Latvia, Luxembourg, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Czech Republic entered the kitchen and learned how to make “kuymak,” rice with anchovies and stuffed and fried anchovies.

Kuymak, a rich mixture of two types of cheese, butter and cornstarch, is mostly consumed during breakfast and is distinctive to the Black Sea region.

The participants ate the food they cooked at the end of the class.

Sağlık said with the event they introduced Turkish cuisine to the world, adding they will continue to hold such events.

She also noted that the event was also a farewell party for the wife of Brazilian ambassador to Turkey Diva Cristina Gradilone.

Speaking at the event, Gradilone said: “I’ll miss you and all of you. I had a great time together. I wish I would stay longer and longer in Turkey. But duty calls.”

Black Sea food

Speaking about the food, wife of Pakistani ambassador to Turkey Shaza Syrus said: “It is very nice. Very tasty and interesting.”

She added that they also have the small, salty fish in their country, but they consume it in a different way.

“This is my new dish for the kids,” she said.

Anta Spunde, wife of Latvian ambassador, said: “I loved it. Actually, I like hamsi [anchovy] in all dishes. It is one of my favorite fish.”

Pauline Mulumba, wife of ambassador of Democratic Republic of Congo, said she already likes the fish.

“I’ll try to do it at home. It is very interesting to put the fish and rice together,” Mulumba added.