Winners to share New Year’s jackpot equally

Winners to share New Year’s jackpot equally

Winners to share New Year’s jackpot equally

With a new application to be used for the first time in the history of the national lottery, the jackpot will be shared equally among the holders of the winning tickets regardless of the ticket share.

Grand New Year’s lottery prize is set at 200 million Turkish Liras ($10.7 million), while a total of 1.39 billion liras ($74.8 million) will be distributed.

Unlike previous years, with the rule determined for this year, the jackpot will be distributed in the draw to be held on the night of Dec. 31.

“In previous years, if a quarter or half ticket won the jackpot and if there were unsold tickets, the share of the unsold ticket remained with the state,” said Ahmet Yazıcı, the head of Istanbul National Lottery Dealers Chamber of Tradesmen.

“Let’s say you bought a quarter ticket this year. The jackpot hit your ticket. If the other three tickets are not sold, you will receive the entire 200 million liras,” Yazıcı said while explaining the new application in the draft.

If not three but two quarter tickets are not sold, the jackpot will be divided into two as 100 million liras each, he pointed out.

Likewise, if the jackpot hits a half ticket and only one of these tickets has been purchased, the holder of the ticket will receive the entire jackpot. In other words, the share of the ticket will not be considered in the distribution of the jackpot.

Reminding that some allegations about the drawing of the jackpot, which do not correspond to reality, harm the efforts of people who have spent years selling tickets on the streets, Yazıcı noted that the draws are held in the presence of a notary public and accompanied by representatives of the state.

“We personally attend the draws. Anyone can go and have a look. As someone who has been in this business for years, I say the entire jackpot will be distributed,” Yazıcı stated.

Stating that supporting and encouraging street vendors is significant in increasing employment, Yazıcı pointed out that providing opportunities to street vendors will also include young people who have not met peddlers’ trade before into the system.

Noting that he has been occupied with the lottery industry since 1978, Yazıcı stated that their most important agenda is now the New Year’s Eve draw.

“I started this business by selling tickets at the Grand Bazaar, Eminönü and on the Bosphorus ferries. I built my life with that money,” Yazıcı said.

“Most of my life has been spent selling tickets on the streets. Over time, I decided to be more closely interested in the problems of my colleagues and became the head of the chamber,” he added.

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