Winner of Turkish cinema awards ‘Zerre’

Winner of Turkish cinema awards ‘Zerre’

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Winner of Turkish cinema awards ‘Zerre’

‘Zerre,’ directed by Erdem Tepegöz, received the Best Film Award. The crew celebrated winning the award onstage. AA Photo

The 46th Turkish Film Critics Association (SİYAD) were handed out at a ceremony held at Istanbul’s Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on Jan. 21.

Speaking at the ceremony, SİYAD Honorary Chairman Atilla Dorsay spoke about the role of art during “difficult days” such as now. “In these times, such artistic events as tonight may seem like a fantasy. But I believe in the uniting power of arts. It will provoke us to think better.”

Following the speech, Dorsay presented cinema writer Sungu Çapa, who celebrates his 50th year of his profession, the SİYAD Special Award.

He also presented the actor Aytaç Arman, who won an award for his role in the film “Düşman” (Enemy) in 1981, with the Best Actor Award.

“Zerre” (The Particle), directed by Erdem Tepegöz received the Best Film Award at the ceremony while Reha Erdem’s “Jin” won the Best Director Award.

Jale Arıkan won the Cahide Sonku Best Actress Award and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ won the Best Actor Award for his role in “Kelebeğin Rüyası” (Butterfly’s Dream). The Best Supporting Actress Award went to Farah Zeynep Abdullah for her role in the same film, while the Best Supporting Actor Award went to Nadir Sarıbacak for his role in “Yozgat Blues.”

Director Ali Aydın, who was deemed worthy of Ahmet Uluçay Hope Award for his film “Küf” (Mold), received his award from Rakel Dink, the wife of killed Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. Artists Serra Yılmaz, Macit Koper and director Ali Özgentürk were presented with Honorary Awards, while producer Erol Ağakay received the Labor Award.

The ceremony also featured a cinevision screening on the leading names of the Turkish art world who died in 2013. Pianist Karsu Sema Moritz also gave a concert on the evening.