‘White-painted buildings’ necessary to fight heatwaves: Expert

‘White-painted buildings’ necessary to fight heatwaves: Expert

‘White-painted buildings’ necessary to fight heatwaves: Expert

In the face of the recently rising temperatures, encouraging local governments to paint buildings white as a defense against the scorching heat could be a remedy, an expert has put forth.

As the country is under the grip of scorching heat waves, Prof. Dr. Mikdat Kadıoğlu, director of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Climate Change Implementation and Research Center, gave insights on how to deal with the record-breaking temperatures.

Stating that extreme temperatures and heat waves are now becoming the new normal, the professor said that it is critical for people to adapt their lives to these new conditions and take new precautions.

Closing urban ventilation corridors in cities by wrong urbanization methods increase the temperature, as these corridors improve urban livability by letting in fresh air and reducing the impact of urban heat islands, Kadıoğlu said.

According to the professor, while climate change increases the temperatures up to a degree, the urban heat islands which are heated up due to human activity is up to nine degrees warmer than other areas, and when these add up, some urban areas become almost fatal for the elderly, children, obese, chronically ill and bedridden, especially on the upper floors of apartment buildings.

“Municipalities need to paint some of the asphalt roads and squares white. In cities like Istanbul, buildings should be painted in light colors like Bodrum district.”

The professor added that all houses must be painted white, and the roofs must be painted green in order to reflect back sunshine rays.

“We need to be working on reducing the urban heat island temperatures. Since white paint will not absorb the sun’s rays, the urban heat islands will not be as hot. People should stop painting their houses however as they wish. It is vital to use green roofs and white paint since there is a high probability that these temperatures will persist.”

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