White is the new black for Turkish car buyers

White is the new black for Turkish car buyers

White is the new black for Turkish car buyers

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The total number of road motor vehicles registered in Turkey exceeded 20.64 million at the end of July, the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) has stated, also revealing that Turks are overwhelmingly opting to purchase white cars. 

Within the 431,809 cars registered in the first seven months of the year, a whopping 62.9 percent were white, 15.2 percent were grey, 8.6 percent were black, 6.5 percent were red, and 6.9 percent were in other colors, TÜİK stated. 

Cars represented 53.3 percent of the sum of the 20.64 million registered vehicles in Turkey, followed by small trucks at 16.3 percent, motorcycles at 14.5 percent, tractors at 8.4 percent, trucks at 4 percent, minibuses at 2.2 percent, buses at 1.1 percent and special purpose vehicles at 0.2 percent.

Of the 90,749 vehicle registrations in the month of July, 60.2 percent were cars, while 16.3 percent were small trucks.

The number of vehicles being registered in July decreased by 21.2 percent compared to the previous month. The fall in July last year was 36 percent. 

Meanwhile, while 61,171 vehicles were withdrawn from the roads between January and July, 709,945 were added, meaning that the total number of registered road motor vehicles increased by 648,774 in the given period. 

At the end of July, out of the 11.11 million registered cars, the share of LPG-fueled cars was 39.7 percent, followed by diesel-fueled cars with 32.9 percent and gasoline-fueled cars with 27.1 percent.