WADA leader hails drug-testing program

WADA leader hails drug-testing program

LONDON - The Associated Press
WADA leader hails drug-testing program

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More than 100 athletes have been kept out of the London Olympics because of doping suspensions. World Anti-Doping Agency President John Fahey yesterday announced the results of a program designed to test athletes under suspicion before they arrived in London.

In the six months to mid-June, at least 107 athletes drew doping bans, ruling them out of the games.
“Had that been their ambition, then I am pleased to say that they are not with us in London,” Fahey told the International Olympic Committee’s annual gathering.

Sweeping drug cheats out of the Olympics was achieved by sharing intelligence between WADA, sports federations and London organizers, Fahey said. He promised no letup during the games, which open Friday. “Doping athletes should know that their chances of avoiding detection are the smallest they have ever been,” the WADA leader said.

The IOC plans to conduct more than 5,000 doping tests during the official Olympics period, which began when the athletes’ village opened July 16.

Earlier this week, Moroccan runner Mariem Alaoui Selsouli was tested positive for a banned diuretic, jeopardizing her place at the London Olympics.