Visioncy to host Ara Güler exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

Visioncy to host Ara Güler exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

Visioncy to host Ara Güler exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

Visioncy, which supports the cultural development of Kuala Lumpur through collaborations with international and local entities, has announced that it will launch an inaugural virtual exhibition to showcase the lifetime achievements of Ara Güler during his 60 years of travels, hard work and dedication to photography.

The “Ara Güler Universal Virtual Exhibition” will run from Dec. 16 till Feb. 17, 2021, and will feature a selection of 180 photographs mostly in small and medium-sized format, along with a few in large format for the most iconic photos, about Güler’s life, Istanbul, Malaysia, celebrities, his friends, Islam and awards. A book will be edited to commemorate his works as well.

“The idea of an exhibition was initiated with my dear friend Ara back in 2016. We have since produced a well-attended exhibition in Tehran last year, with the aim to duplicate similar tours throughout cities in Europe and Asia,” said Visioncy director and curator, Patrice Vallette.

“For 2020, the initial plan of this project was to exhibit in Beirut, Zurich, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, however, due to the pandemic we had to adapt to the global travel restrictions. We are hereby, keeping our commitment to share the works of our beloved collaborator and friend with the world, digitally,” he said.

An exclusive interview with Güler talking about his experience with celebrities such as Pablo Picasso and Sofia Loren will also be available to see during the virtual exhibition.

One of a kind two-series limited-edition collectors box, carefully curated to celebrate 60 years of the unparalleled career of Güler, will also be available for purchase from Dec. 16 on demand.

The virtual exhibition will be presented on