Virus measures announced for several industries

Virus measures announced for several industries

Virus measures announced for several industries

The Health Ministry has announced a series of measures to be taken in 11 sectors in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus as Turkey has already rolled out its normalization plan.

The new measures are mostly directed at retail stores, such as white goods shops, supermarkets, gas stations, and real estate agencies.

The document, issued by the ministry titled “COVID-19 Health Management and Work Guide,” aims at ensuring that consumers and staff strictly observe social distancing and other fundamental hygiene rules in those outlets.

Accordingly, white goods stores are required to accommodate at most one person, including customers and staff, in a four-square meter space at a time. Cosmetics shops will have to provide hand sanitizers and cologne with high degree alcohol at the entrances.

People without protective face masks will not be allowed at gas stations, according to the guide.

Supermarkets are required to make regular public announcements to ask consumers to heed social distancing.

As part of those measures, real estate agents, car dealers and other businesses will not accept visitors to their offices.

At electronics and telecommunications shops, customers are allowed only to touch and inspect goods on display on the shelves.