Villagers make, export traditional dolls

Villagers make, export traditional dolls

Villagers make, export traditional dolls

The women of the Sorgun village in the northwestern province of Bursa have been continuing an old practice of making traditional dolls, which they sell across the country or export worldwide.

The dolls are sold at prices between 250 and 500 Turkish Liras ($17 and $34) due to the type of clothes village women use to adorn them.

“The village women produce some 50 dolls monthly,” İhlas News Agency reported on April 10.

Speaking to the agency, Emine Çiçek, one of the doll makers, said, “The clothes we put on dolls are parts of our history. We continue the legacy of the village.”

According to Çiçek, it takes some 20 days to make a doll. “We get demands from all across the country and abroad,” she added.

The dolls are on sale by an association named after the village.

“Thanks to our women who maintain the village’s traditions,” Muharram Ulutaş, the head of the Sorgun Village Association, told the agency.